Prototyping – 10/19/14 Update on the Health Care Informatics Website

Hey everyone! This week I made some great progress on the Health Care Informatics (HCI) website with Dr. Mack! At the beginning of this week, he sent me the info I needed to begin constructing the prototype shell of the website. I registered a new Sites @ USD WordPress installation and as soon as it was running I was working on building the first iteration of the HCI site. I settled on a design style pretty quickly. I wanted something different from the Stress-Free Zone, but most of the templates for the Sites @ USD system are still kind of bad. They did seem to add one new template though that I really liked! It was kind of plain by default, so I also built the background to match USD’s official site.

The shell of the website is in place now. All the pages have been created, the menu is set up, and I have a description of everything each page will need to accomplish. For now, I’m just iterating on what I have with whatever changes Dr. Mack is requesting. Dr. Mack has told me that he’s going to begin sending me content for the site soon, which will be when the real fun begins. This week I have an initial screenshot of what the site looks like, so feel free to check it out and leave any comments!

Initial Prototype of the Health Care Informatics Website
Initial Prototype of the Health Care Informatics Website

In this case, I learned a lot from working with the Sites @ USD system last semester. If you want to see a bunch of failed prototypes from last semester (what the other template’s failures look like) you can go read my old article over here. To wrap up everything this week, I did some final touches to the Stress-Free Zone website and did a bit of support on the Econ Council’s tutoring system for students with troubles. Anyway, that’s it for this week!


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