Constructing the Shell – 10/12/14 Update on the Health Care Informatics Website

Hey everyone. This week I’ve done a bit more work on the Stress-Free Zone and finally have all the information I need to start building the shell for the Health Care Informatics website. A few days ago I talked with Dr. Mack about the site, and now have a much better idea of the direction he’d like to go in for it. We will likely be using the Sites @ USD system again, so it will be built using WordPress. He has provided me some example sites and a good overview of the structure of the website, so I will begin constructing the prototype ASAP. Once he signs off on the prototype, work will begin on fleshing out the site with content.

If any changes to the scope of the website occur and I do not think we’ll be able to achieve it using the Sites @ USD system, I will consult Dr. Mack on our various other options including, but not limited to, moving our hosting outside of the USD network and changing from WordPress to Joomla, or the likes. He hasn’t said any features currently I shouldn’t be able to achieve with the Sites @ USD system, but there are still some details that have not been totally formulated yet.

Anyway, thats it for this week. Next week I should have some photos to show off of the HCI site in progress!


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