Some Obstacles

This week has been a little slow to be honest. Although I have decided to use Weebly over WordPress to create professor Cruz’s website, which has been the main decision as there were so many options to create her website but we finally decided which one to use after actually researching and looking into all of them. However, you never know it may not work out for the content we’re trying to put out and may have to look into more options later on. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Another issue is that I have to coordinate with one of her independent study students who has access to most of the content that will go on the website as the project is her main goal. Nevertheless, I have only met her once which was over a month over and she hasn’t even met with professor Cruz as I believe she is sick. So I guess I will get started on Weebly hoping everything is ready before I meet with her and have access to the theater students videos. Otherwise everything has been pretty standard. Still working with her class as a student and tech assistant, which is pretty fun and where most of the time is being taken.

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