Not So New Beginnings – 9/21/14 Update on the Health Care Informatics Website

Hey everyone, I’m back and looking forward to an awesome new semester! It’s going to be a busy one this time around, but luckily I’ll be working with the same professor as last semester so we’ve already established a work rhythm together. First, there have been some brief updates to the “Stress-Free Zone” site that I worked on last semester. Over the summer, I was asked by Dr. Mack to perform basic maintenance related routines on the website, adding and changing content as necessary. Additionally, I was conscripted to ensure that Google Analytics was set up and working on their site so as they can track visitors and viewing habits. Altogether, there wasn’t a huge amount of work that I did over the summer for them, but I did put in a few hours here and there on various tasks Dr. Mack and Dr. Instone requested.

This semester I’ll be doing much of the same! Dr. Mack has asked me to build a new site for the Hahn School of Nursing. Particulars are still forthcoming, but the project is now in motion. My other responsibilities for this semester include continuing maintenance on the Stress-Free Zone website and training Dr. Instone in the art of WordPress so that she can take over maintaining the sites after I am done here at USD. Anyways, I’m looking forward to the rest of this semester and hope you all have a good one as well!


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