Initial Meetings: Justine Rapp

Well, I can definitely tell that we have new blood in the program, purely by how many have posted so far :P.

I apologize for not being at the first meeting, but for whatever reason, I spaced out that morning.

So this past week I’ve had an initial meeting with Justine Rapp regarding the project. The project changed slightly, but it is still manageable. Initially the project was going to be assisting her and her students with Google Ads, and helping her students using a website creation software called Zesty. However, now I am no longer helping with Google Ads, and I will be creating a basic website and layout (using Zesty) for Dr. Rapp.

I figure that making a website for Dr. Rapp would help me learn how to use the software, seeing as they use their own language called Parsley for creating it (they have GUI too). So this semester should be pretty fun, seeing as I get to learn a new tool for creating a website!

-Evan Nagata

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