Double, Triple, and Quadruple Check

Well, I found out on Friday that I am missing two full pages of slides. For some reason I thought I was done and I’ve just been working on the photos in photoshop and illustrator to ensure they look as good as if you saw them in real life. What I have been doing with the slides is rather than bringing that large binder with me every day in addition to my own school books and computer, I’ve simply been taking out a sheet at a time to complete and then grabbing another sheet when I was complete with the previous one. I finally put all the sheets back in the binder thinking I was done and was ready to bring it to Hugh this week, but I was wrong. Definitely have two more sheets but they will be finished by this week.

Other than that, I need to find a time with him to bring back the binder and to show him how to access the Dropbox folder than has all of his files. I would need to schedule a time that I can site there and download the files off of Dropbox to his desktop for him, but who knows if that will actually be possible. My biggest difficulty this semester has been communication with him, but up to now it’s been fine. Hopefully I can contact him before finals to get this stuff to him.


Cyd, sorry this blog post is late.


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