Peer Evaluation… check

I didn’t post last week because I wanted to try to finish this survey. And after working a decent amount over the weekend, I believe I have. Teammates peer evaluation software is pretty well suited to what Professor Kakkad is looking for, and I am going to show him this tomorrow. This took wayyy longer than I wanted or expected (tried a LOT of software), but I still think I can accomplish the majority of what we had initially set out to do.

Once I finish this, I’m going to power through setting up his website and building the groundwork for that. Because it is a personal site, Professor Kakkad will need to provide the majority of the text, and so the bulk of the information on the site will rely on him. Because of this, I believe I will set up the framework, set up what I can on his site, and then pass control over to him.

I’ll most likely set up the discussion board that he was wanting (possibly via blackboard). Implementation depends on what he was really looking for.

And lastly, I’d be investigating some recording software for him to provide tutorials/lectures to post as content on his site. The style he was looking for was something along the lines of Kahn Academy, and so I’ll also be doing this towards the end of the semester.

That’s a lot of things to wrap up with, but we’ll see how it goes!


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