Finishing Line – 4/13/14 Update on the “Stress-Free Zone” Website

Another week, another update! This time I’ve made pretty significant progress on the site – to the point where it’s almost ready to go live! Dr. Mack sent me a pretty huge document of content this week for me to post to the site and use it to get the site in an ‘almost-ready-to-go-live’ state. I finished implementing all of the content earlier today and sent it off for review. There’s a few more places that need touch-up or content (most notably the Contact Us page and the Stress Management page), but beyond that it’s all up and ready to go.

Dr. Mack seemed happy with the way everything was set up and looked. I’m now waiting for his final revision of the content, and then I’ll likely take the site live next week!

In addition to the “Stress-Free Zone” website, Dr. Mack has asked me to help him and the department bring another site up, too. I mentioned this one last week, but since then he’s sent me more formal parameters for what he wants it to do. This one is far more complicated than the Stress-Free Zone site, but I think that I can reasonably do it by the end of May (hopefully)! I’ll provide details on the new project next week once I finish up the Stress-Free Zone and begin my work on the new site.

Once the Stress-Free Zone goes live I’ll be sure to post the link to it in my blog. Until then, see ya later!


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