Continuing Frustration…

Well this group survey thing that was only supposed to take a couple weeks, is still an ongoing thing.

Currently, I’ve sent off a list of themes and content management systems, and some things that I like/dislike about a lot of those ( I think there is about 15 themes I picked out). Professor Kakkad is currently reviewing those while I’ve been working on this survey.

So the whole deal with the survey is that he wants a group evaluation form for his class. He wants to be able to to create his own questions; What percentage did each member contribute, who was the best leader, what was their quality of work, etc. Additionally he wants to minimize work (i.e. one survey) that would more or less auto-generate the appropriate questions based on the person taking it, reduce the amount of mistakes that can be made (not having a user choose their group or expect them to select each of their group members), and have bounds checking (making sure someone can’t receive more than 100%). Now Qualtrics can do this; the hitch is that it doesn’t actually save the embedded data in the reports that are generated, which is what Kakkad really needs. There is a way to save the embedded data, but the problem is that you can only really see this when you look at an individual report (otherwise it will just show you how many times that embedded data.

I’ve found a software that is specifically designed for this type of peer assessment, but the problem is that it is rather limiting. You may not edit questions that are in the peer evaluation section, and the other type of form they have is a feedback form, but that isn’t the exact format that we would like. I’ve messed around with a bunch of different types of software, and honestly none of them really fit the docket very well, so I’m trying to mess with Qualtrics again.

What I may end up needing to do is to set up different panels, and have each panel represent a group. Then for each of those include some embedded data, and then essentially copy the survey and then change the names in them. Otherwise I’m not entirely sure how to include the group memeber’s names in the reports.

So I’m going to be messing with this for a bit longer, and then (hopefully this week), I will meet with Professor Kakkad to get some of the website done, and actually make some headway on something.


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