Fingers crossed

This week went by quickly. I’ve mainly been focussing on making sure the slides are in the best quality possible. The first set of slides I sent to him he was happy with them for the most part but one of them wasn’t in the best quality. So this past week I’ve been cropping, straightening, making more vivid, etc. with the slides. When I finally share the dropbox folder with him, I don’t want him complaining about any of the slides that will make me have to redo them. I emailed him again this week asking for the binder of new slides, but still no response. Hopefully he’ll give them to me after Easter Break because by then I will be done perfecting all the slides I have already completed. Other than that, not too much. The good thing about this week is everything I had to do, I just need photoshop. I’ve been needing to go to the Media Lab every evening to scan the slides and it closes at 7 so I don’t always finish, but now sense everything is scanned I can use any computer than has photoshop to complete. I only have a few more pages of slides to finish editing, everything else has been done edited already. I will definitely have enough work to work for the three days next week, but anything past next Wednesday I would need a new binder of slides to get me through the semester. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that he responds to this email.


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