Much of the Same – 4/6/14 Update on the “Stress-Free Zone” Website

Hi folks! Similar to last week, I’m still chugging away at iterating the Stress-Free Zone website. My time right now is following a pretty general cycle:

1) Read changes the team wants to make to the website.
2) Implement the changes.
3) Send them off for review.
4) Repeat indefinitely.

Unfortunately the team isn’t the quickest at getting back to me with the changes they’d like which means that I’m generally working in 3 day bursts. That is, when I get their e-mail telling me what it is they want me to do I try to everything they want as soon as possible because once I send it off for review, it’ll be about 3 days before they get back to me. The project is keeping me busy, but I think I could still accomplish more with my time.

But for that I think I have a plan! Earlier in the semester, Dr. Mack mentioned that the Stress-Free Zone isn’t the only site that the department is looking for to be completed. I don’t know the details of the other, but I’m now in discussion with Dr. Mack about working on that site in the downtime I have with the Stress-Free Zone. In other words, after I send off changes for review on the Stress-Free Zone website, I’ll switch over to working on the new website while waiting the three days for the team to get back to me with changes for the Stress-Free Zone site. Then I’ll send off the new site’s revisions, and get to work on the Stress-Free Zone site while I wait for comments on that one.

This would allow me to spread out my work a bit more evenly this semester, and accomplish even more than normal. I didn’t promise to Dr. Mack that I’d finish the site, and I’m still waiting for details from him to see if I could even feasibly fit it in to the little less than 2 months remaining, but we’ll see!

Other than that, work continues unabated on the Stress-Free Zone website. I’d love to get some photos for you guys, but unfortunately the latest set of requested changes broke the page layout and I’m currently waiting for a response from them on how they want me to fix that.

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