Keep on persisting

So this week I finished all the slides in the first binder. In previous weeks I was unsure how I was going to get him his files and originally I was gonna do an external hard drive and then burn them to a DVD, but I think it would now be best to just create a huge drop box folder for him to access. I have next to nothing saved on my drop box account and it has more than enough room to store all those photos so I think that would be best for saving them.


Last week I emailed him saying that his first binder of slides will be finished soon and I would like for him to leave the next binder of slides in his mail box in Shiley. I still haven’t heard from him yet. Although I have finished the slides I’m still able to get some work done because I can just continue perfecting the photos in photoshop. I also have been working on organizing the photos so when he opens up the file it represents how the slides have been arranged on each page of the binder. I think that would be easiest for him when he gets them back. I’ll email him again later today reminding him that I would like to drop off the previous binder and pick up a new one. I really would like to do as many slides as possible for him because I know he has a lot but he really isn’t giving me anything to work with when I don’t hear back from him. Just gotta be persistent I guess.


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