Lots of themes, a few CMS’s, and some survey rework

The survey was fine until we came to the realization that the results from the panel members doesn’t actually save the embedded data in the results. So because of this, it would be really tedious to grade, and so I am going to need to mess around with that once again.

Meanwhile, I’m going to comprise an excel document with all of the CMS’s that we are looking at with the pros and cons of those. In addition, I’m going to give him a list of about 15+ themes/websites that I like and dislike, and what about them that I like or dislike. Because this site is meant for his students, he thought it would be good for some student feedback. So I’m going to try to get that to him ASAP because picking a theme can take a lot of time. I personally recommended WordPress for this project, because I didn’t think we would need the flexibility and the overhead that comes with Joomla, and Drupal… I’ve always hated Drupal.


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