Picking up the pace

If you were to see the timeline I made for this project, I am way above schedule. Right now my timeline says that I will be finishing the first set of slides in the first week of April. Well, I will actually be finished by some time today. I only have 4 more pages left in the binder and a lot of those pages are missing slides so they aren’t even full. I will definitely be done by today. My project has been speeding up because a lot of the edits I was making on the photos were through photoshop but for the most part, the scanner can make those changes as it’s scanning. So that takes out half the time. Each slide is now taking about 3 minutes to edit plus the additional 5-ish minutes it takes for it to scan.

So I emailed my professor on Wednesday letting him know that I will be done soon because I’m not quite sure how long it will take to hear a response. I really would like to hear from him this weekend so I can get a new set of slides to start working on. If he doesn’t respond by Monday, it’s not really that big of a deal because there is probably a few more edits I could make on the previous slides to perfect them. They all look really good and I know he would be happy with them, but I still need to title them.

Overall, I am starting to really enjoy this project. I also really enjoy that most of my work needs to be done in the media lab, it’s just a good set of people to be working with on a daily basis. Makes the work hours go by quickly.


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