Moving Forward

Well now having met with Professor Kakkad and providing him examples of the Qualtrics survey, we’ve decided on the route to take. Currently I’m playing with how to pipe text from other panel members into questions, but I’m not sure that is even possible, so I may have to embed the data in the url. I could probably write a short script for him so that it would take some of the legwork out of distributing the updated url, should that be the case.

In addition to this, I gave him some information to consider when going with hosting, such as approximate cost for hosting and the domain name. I also told him to try to decide what domain name he would like to purchase.

While concurrently playing with Qualtrics, I’ve also been looking at website examples to try to show him, and them I’m going to be looking up various themes for some CMS’s, so that when time comes to purchase a domain name and install a primary CMS, deployment would begin shortly afterwards.

So I’m kind of off to a slow start, but once he decides on a domain name and we purchase hosting, I’m hoping then I’ll be able to show him more considerable progress.


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