Best friends with the scanner

Who knew that you could forget so much in just one week. I started work this Monday and I totally forgot how to use the scanner. Well, I obviously knew how to use the scanner but I couldn’t remember the settings that I need to use to get the correct quality, size, file type, etc. Why didn’t I just ask Allen for his assistance? Because every time I go to work it’s always after Allen has left for the day. Nonetheless, I have finally figured it out and what did I learn from all of this? Write down everything Allen tells you when he trains you on how to use the scanner. 

Referring to last week’s post, I have figured out what I will be doing with my scanned files. I will be borrowing an external hard drive that I will then later upload all the photos to his computer or onto a DVD. Doesn’t really matter if I transfer the photos from the hard drive to his computer or burn it onto a DVD. That’s something I’ll figure out as the project comes to a close. 

This week’s work took a lot longer than most. I usually can scan X amount of files in an hour or work shift, but this week because I forgot how to use the scanner and then because the settings kept changing on me while I was scanning, I wasn’t able to scan as many. But slowly progressing. I definitely did not expect this project to take so long. I thought I would be able to do majority of all of his slides but I might only be able to do this one binder (don’t worry, it’s a big binder with a lot of slides). 


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