Waiting – 3/9/2014 Update on the “Stress-Free Zone” Website

Hey everyone! Can’t say a load happened this week, but some important stuff is underway with the “Stress Free Zone” project.

I have now requested a site from USD’s WordPress system. Signing up was incredibly simple, but unfortunately the site requires manual creation and I am currently waiting for the web team here to set it up. Currently, the majority of my progress is stunted until I have that operational, but in the meantime I have been trying to occupy myself with other things to do.

What other things have I been doing? Basically, I have contacted Dr. Mack and have asked for a more concrete understanding of exactly what content the “tools” on the site will be. If the tools are videos, the plugins I research and acquire will be quite different from if the plugins I’ll get if they’re all PowerPoint presentations! His answer here will guide my research into the tools that I need to get his site functional.

I’ve also asked him to start thinking of a more concrete plan for the organization of the site. Usually this isn’t required immediately, but if he can start thinking of how he wants to lay it out, then I can hit the ground quicker once the site is set up by the web team. Also it means potential roadblocks in the future are less likely to crop up so long as I keep asking him questions one full step ahead of the game.

Anyway that’s my progress update for this week. A bit of research, some important conversations, and general updating. See ya next week!


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