Lucky assumption

So this week I have finally received a response from my faculty partner. I sent over slides awhile ago and have been waiting for him to respond and approve them. While he wasn’t responding I have still been scanning slides assuming that what I have been doing is correct. After reading his email, 75% of the slides were what he wanted. The problem he had with one of the slides is the color. It ended up being a little bit too bright and different from what the original used to look like. The problem with this is it is not really something that I can look for while I’m working on the slides. While I was working on them, I thought they all looked a little too bright but he seemed to like all of them except for one. What I will have to do is just keep sending over slides and letting him tell me which ones I need to redo.

The other thing I would need to figure out next week is what to do with the slides. These files are too large to add into emails especially since I am covering about 10-15 slides each time I work. So what I am hoping to do is maybe see if he has access to the server, he will then be able to give me access to the server, and then I can just transfer the files to him through that. If we can’t do that then maybe I would just need to use an external hard drive and stop by his office each week to transfer them to his computer. Not quite sure how that will work out but it is something I need to figure out when we return to school.

Even after him not returning emails, I’m really glad that I just assumed what I was doing was what he wanted. If I just waited for him to respond, I would have never been able to work at all this week. I guess I got lucky, but I’m glad it all worked out.


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