Well WordPress Received An Update..

Interesting. It didn’t really seem to play too nicely with Firefox though, because I was having a little difficulty clicking that I wanted to post “Text” with it…

Anyways, as for my project, Professor Kakkad and I have decided to go with Qualtrics for the survey, and then I also got his feedback on who to by his domain names and hosting from (GoDaddy ftw). I recommended them simply because they’re a great company to use. One click installations for many many CTM’s, and they generally have sales and discounts to give people a really good deal. 

As for the survey and his website, Professor Kakkad wanted me to provide some examples as to not “reinvent the wheel” and to give him better ideas of what is out there (I supppose?). So I’ll be off trying to find surveys like the one that he wanted, and then I’ll be off to show him examples of websites. I’m not sure if he wanted to see examples because he doesn’t know what he wants, or because he doesn’t know what is going to be a reasonable goal for the semester (in terms of aesthetics I mean). But judging from his description it really shouldn’t be that difficult, but time will tell. I’ll also start trying to use the time-sheet organizer, and I’ll get that set up within the next couple of days.

Spring Break! Yay!


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