Decisions, Decisions – 3/2/2014 Update on the “Stress-Free Zone” Website

First blog post in a while! After being gone in Japan for the Fall 2013 semester, I’m back and ready to design more websites! This semester I’ve been paired up with Dr. Jonathan Mack of the Hahn School of Nursing to help him and his colleagues bring their new “Stress Free Zone” website to fruition. The purpose of this website is to provide students, faculty, and the general public with resources and tools to help them combat the stresses of life and live healthier!

I don’t have a huge amount of information to report. My first meeting with Dr. Mack was delayed and I eventually caught up with him over the phone. He’s given me a general outline of what he’d like to do, and I’ve been researching the tools necessary to accomplish what he wants. Ideas were thrown out from creating our own domain and hosting it separately from USD, or integrating it into a USD WordPress blog, and it appears that we have finally settled on the WordPress blog.

Construction of the blog won’t happen overnight, but this is undoubtedly familiar territory for me. At this point, I am going to be mocking up design samples for Dr. Mack and will be posting all of the progress here!

Thanks for reading guys, see you next week!


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