Sitting Duck

Kind of got a late start last week. I was not able to meet with Allen in the Media Lab until Wednesday morning, but now I know how everything works and I shouldn’t run into any more problems. However, I have now already run into a problem. I have no work to do right now. On Wednesday I emailed my professor samples of my work but because it was just in the body of the text rather than as an attachment, he was unable to evaluate the work properly. I was able to send him better samples later that afternoon in a format he wanted and I still have not received a response from him. Hopefully I hear from him soon because at the moment, I have nothing to do.

Another problem I am having is the photos are unclear of which way is the left side and which way is the right side. The only slide I knew was reversed was a photo that had text. When I scanned it it was obvious that it was reversed, so I was able to rescan it with the right side up. However, I cannot just assume all the slides were put in the same was as that one with the words. On the slides there is a white side and a black side, and on the black side there is an engraved text in the plastic. I thought, based on the slide with words, that I could just arrange all the slides in the same way that worked for the slide with words and then I won’t have to worry about which side is which. I was wrong. For some of the slides, it is obvious which side is up and which side is down and if I was to arrange the slides in the same way as the slide with the text, the image would be upside down. So I can’t assume which way the slides should be scanned, and I have no way of figuring it out without going in to meet with my professor and have him mark them up. But that probably would not happen.

Other than that, the project is pretty straight forward. Allen was awesome to work with! He knows so much about it and he was the perfect source to turn to.


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