Back to Work

I’ve started a new semester as an office STA, which I’m really excited about. Continuing my projects from last semester, I am working on several short captivate tutorials, one of which is currently made and I am recording audio for this week. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some teaching this month. Maureen Dominguez is holding some student to student training classes on Blackboard, Presentation Materials, and Excel, and Cyd kindly offered me the opportunity. I’ve been to two classes, the first of which had no participants, and the second had two! It was a success in my opinion because both students had questions about the different presentation programs and I feel that they walked out of the class with their questions answered. Immediately afterwards I helped one of the students create a Prezi account and she is presenting this week with the program for the first time. She was really excited about having a visually interesting presentation, and I helped her keep it exciting, yet classic. I can’t wait for all the new opportunities they have for me this semester! 

-Ayala Pourat


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