Evan: Operations Management Course – Amitkumar Kakkad

This semester I will be working closely with Professor Kakkad in order to provide a him and his course with a few things.

The first is a survey in which student groups would be able to evaluate their group members on their participation, work quality, and management of the term project. This will simply need to display the results of the peer evaluation to Professor Kakkad so that he may adjust student grades accordingly. He also wanted this to framework to be scalable so that it could be used regardless of the number of students within a group.

The second is the creation of a course website (which will be a template/framework for other courses) and then ideally the course website would be integrated into Professor Kakkad’s instructor website, that I will also be creating. The course website is intended to be the platform in which Professor Kakkad will be able to present the students (current, former, and future) with the ability to view the topics and structure of the course. This may also be used as the platform in which the tutorial videos, and discussion boards may be located. The website seems to be relatively simple on the technical end, and he also said that he wouldn’t mind hosting off of USD’s network (thank goodness). From my understanding the site will be primarily populated with information he provides to me, or possibly even populated by him after I explain the platform we decide on using. He also mentioned briefly about a graphics heavy version (big pictures or videos?) and then possibly a lighter version of the site (for mobile..?). However from the examples of items he wanted on the site, I don’t see this being much of an issue.

The third is to work with Professor Kakkad in creation of lecture videos and tutorials for his classes. This will require some sort of video capturing software (obviously). He had envisioned something along the lines of how the Khan Academy videos look, but of course much of this will depend on the video/audio quality and the time spent in creating the videos. The majority of my time spent will be determining the best/easiest video editing/recording software for this purpose, and then I will teach Professor Kakkad to use it, who will in turn create the videos. I will then help him determine a suitable platform to host these on.

Lastly, and this is optional, is the creation of learning modules. This would encompass blogs, discussion boards, and any other possible platforms in order to make the classroom experience more interactive. He explained to me that he would want a student led platform, the blogs, and then a discussion board that would be led by him.

This is obviously not a small amount of work so I’ll need to start working on that relatively quickly. He however made it very clear that I would be driving much of the work, and that he would like me to present him with various options for all of these projects. The order of priority is listed in the order it appears above.  Now ideally this should all be completed without a hitch. I’m expecting the first project to be completed within the first week or two, and then focus on the websites for the majority of the semester. The videos I believe will be more of an ongoing process due to Professor Kakkad doing much of the work for that portion of the project. Lastly, the learning modules would be created using whatever time I have remaining, if any. However I feel that this wouldn’t take very long to set up, and could be hosted using blackboard for the discussion boards or possibly a Facebook page for the student led discussions.

Well enough with that, now lets get started! 😀


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