Fingers crossed

This semester I will be working for a biology professor converting the negatives of previous photos to digital files. I met with him this past week, but I am a little concerned about the project. After meeting with him and then having another professor stop by during our meeting, I’m coming to the conclusion that I will be spending all of my hours in the media lab which was something I was hoping would not happened. Right now I have been given the negatives of the photos and the main reason he is having them digitalized is because the “projector carousel” he used to put the slides on is now broken and the science department is not willing to purchase another one. Another reason he wants to digitalize the negatives is so he could then put them on future posters for research and what not. What needs to be done is when the negatives are digitalized, they need to keep the same quality of color and focus when transferred but I’m not sure how well that is going to work out. After the other professor stopped by, he said that he has sent his negatives over to a professional company and the color was messed up and the resolution just wasn’t clear. He also said that when he was able to find a company that was able to do the right color and right resolution, a small amount of 10 slides took about four hours. The professor I’m paired up with has way over 300 slides. I’m really hoping this works out well. I guess I just got extremely lucky with the professor I had last semester because it was so straight forward and I was able to work on my own time. Fingers crossed for this semester though.


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