Fini, Finito, Fertig, Finished!

Ok so maybe the title is a little bit misleading. I have only finished project 1. Project 2 is barely in the works. I emailed Scott again from media and he still hasn’t responded. I’l try again next week and if he doesn’t respond by Tuesday I’m gonna have to figure out another way to get these videos onto the website.

Project 1 went very well. I really enjoyed this assignment and it was the perfect fit for my first project as an STA. It definitely took a lot longer than I was expecting but it went pretty smoothly in my opinion.

If project 2 doesn’t work out they way Victoria and I are hoping it will, I think she has another project I can work on. From the brief emails we have exchanged, I think I will be somewhat monitoring her upper-division class’ wordpress site. Perhaps adding the update syllabus, assignments, comments, etc. Not really sure but that is something I will have an answer for you next week.


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