HI all so I know I have not really posted anything and I know I should not have stalled so long.  Life has been busy but I am back on track now.  I have been chipping away at Dr. Pulido’s project.  I have two assignments really.  I am helping gather video and learn how to publish items to an iBook for his Chicano Park project.  I also have been training myself in wordpress (the posting and creating was fairly intuitive I just needed to know some of the background information as well as what responsibilities the administrator has), and I have created the WordPress for his Race, Religion and Social Justice class.  I just put it up but hopefully over the course of the next couple months it will begin to get filled with the students thoughts, pictures or links.  

I have loved working with the Lynda training videos.  They have been what I have spent most of my time doing.  I have really been able to sink my teeth into these projects now and feel much more comfortable with my ability that I will actually be able to pull this off.  I really had no clue what to do with the iBook but after going through the training I feel hundred times better about the whole thing.  I am so excited to start really making both projects come to life.


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