Productivity level = 0

Unfortunately but fortunately, I have been in New Orleans since Wednesday morning. I am at a conference and the hotel we are at lacks WiFi. I’m in the “business lounge” typing up this blog post and the 30 minute timer keeps counting down in the right hand corner. Because of this, little work for my project has been done since Tuesday. On the bright side, I have a layover on Sunday when I fly back to SD so let’s keep our fingers crossed the airport has WiFi. You would think most airports have free WiFi. I assumed this as well, but my assumption was proven wrong.

Sooo about my project. I unfortunately set my work bar a level too high last week. I was hoping I would be on section 13 by now with only 13 and 15 left when I came back home but I just finished 11. I have been only updating the WordPress account with my brief notes but I will now be doing a word doc as well for Victoria to print out and give to her students. Having the hard copy will definitely be a lot easier for her students rather than referring to the WordPress account. Not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier. That is easy an easy fix though so it won’t be a problem.


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