Wrapping up on Project #1

This week has been going pretty well for one of my assignments. For the lynda tutorials I am supposed to be watching and taking notes for sections 1-4, 7, 9-13, and 15. I have just finished watching video #12, 1-4 is online and 7, 9-11 will be posted by the end of this weekend. As I mentioned in a previous post, project #2 will definitely take me awhile. I tried meeting up with Scott again this week but didn’t work out so well. We planned to meet on Thursday but then got sidetracked in questions through email and never planned a time to meet. I emailed him on Wednesday to discuss a time to meet but never received a response. On Thursday after my class I stopped by the media center in hopes he was in his office and could discuss my project for five minutes but unfortunately no luck. I’m gonna try again and meet with him maybe on Monday or Tuesday. What sucks about next week is I leave for New Orleans on Wednesday and do not return until Sunday evening which means I will barely have any work done for that week. Maybe if I work enough this weekend I will be able to also include tutorial notes for sections 12 and 13 so when I get home I only have 15 left and then can focus on the other project.

Oh and on another note, Jacob Bruce’s birthday was yesterday. The wonderful alumni who told me about the STA program.


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