Website Modifications

After having corrected the errors with the tutors being emailed, I began to update portions of the website. I entirely rewrote the instructions for how to use the tutoring system for new and existing users, edited the mission statement for the Econ Council, corrected incorrect information on the economics major, and then modified one of the greetings on the home page which now gives an introduction to the Econ Council, along with their meetings times and what they talk about.

In the middle of these modifications however, I got an email from another tutor that certain appointment bookings were not getting through to her. Go USD junk-mail blocker. I sent her the link to the junk mail login site and told her to approve appointy as a sender so that the issue would not occur again. Seeing as this has happened more than once, whenever a new tutor is recruited, they will probably need to be emailed prior to appointment bookings by appointy so that this issue is not a recurring issue.


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