The struggle is real

Ok so now I’m beginning to struggle.  First project is still now an issue. I am still watching the videos, rewriting them for the students, and then posting them to their wordpress class account. Not a big deal. The second project is slowing down just a little though. I couldn’t upload them to the Art office website because (1) the video is too big or (2) WordPress couldn’t read the video format. I would upload the video, a flashplayer would appear in the post and when you click play nothing would happen. Cyd has put me in contact with someone name Scott but I haven’t heard a response from him yet. Hopefully next week? We’ll see.

An alternate way to get the videos onto the site since the flashplayer isn’t working is to get an embed code off of YouTube. What I would do is watch the video that is on the server and then try and find one online that is either the exact same or extremely similar. Sounds simple but my computer can’t understand the video format. My media player will pop up but then it says it is not familiar with the video file format.

Thursdays are usually my main day to crank in some work hours but the power went out and I had no wifi or access to the server where the videos are saved. How lovely…. I’ll make up for those lost hours next week.


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