Ipad Project

This semester I am working with Sharah on the iPad Project. The other week I attended the iPad Workshop with other faculty members. These faculty members are working on incorporating iPad use into their classroom environments. Some of the questions that I have been addressing this semester are:

  • What iPad apps are most useful for teachers? And how to use them?
  • How does the iPad differ from the desktop computer? What are Disadvantages vs Advantages?

So far I have found that the apps I use most on the iPad are Dropbox, Adobe Reader, and Blackboard. As a student I find these apps very useful because I am able to upload my eBooks onto dropbox and read them from there on the iPad. I also think that Adobe Reader is a useful way for teachers to grade and comment student papers. If a student were to turn their paper in as a PDF file, upload it to dropbox or blackboard, another student or teacher can access it very easily.  You can view the paper through Adobe Reader, which has the comment, highlight and writing tool features. These tools allow editing or correcting a paper very easy, while utilizing the iPad. For the next weeks I am going to look into how recording class lectures may be helpful and useful for a teacher.


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