Moving on with project #2

This week I have been finalizing 1/3 of my first project. When watching the tutorial videos on Lynda I write everything that seems somewhat informative even if it is completely obvious stuff everyone who has ever worked a computer should know. The video are relatively short but what is taking me so much time is narrowing down the general information to the most beneficial or important information and then putting it in a form that will make sense to these students because as I am watching videos they are complete “chicken scratch” notes.

I met with Victoria on Thursday during dead hours and I now have access to the server to begin uploading videos. The problem with this is the videos are too big to upload to WordPress straight from the server. What will take me some time is searching for each individual video online. Most of her videos are from a specific site but others I will have to search for on youtube and find the one that compares best with the one she has on the server.

I don’t think the first project is going to be the one that takes me all semester, I think it will be the video uploading project. Oh fun fact, I might be taking Victoria’s class next semester. I have completed all my requirements for my major, my GE, I just need classes to get my 124 units to graduate. Seems like a very interesting class to take my last semester of college. Why not?


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