Econ Tutoring… Emails not being sent

This week was relatively interesting. I was working on the new tutoring instructions for the Econ Council tutoring page, when I get an email from one of the tutors saying a student contacted her stating that someone set up an appointment which she did not approve/verify. I notified the tutors then about all of their upcoming appointments since something went wrong and proceeded to investigate. One of the tutors email was not verified (which means the system will not send out email alerts of any kind), and as for the other, I’m still unsure of what happened.

I tested the system with a couple of fake accounts to try to recreate the situation, but whenever the email was verified, they seemed to be sent. I found USD junk mail system had blocked all of the emails that were meant to verify the email address of a tutor, which is why the tutor didn’t verify her email. So I sent her a link to unblock them, and then things returned to normal. Still not entirely sure what happened to cause the initial problem though which causes me to think it was a system glitch of some kind.


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