First week as a STA!

For my first assignment as a STA I will be working with Victoria Fu, a professor of Film and Video in the Art Department. Their are two projects I will be hoping to complete for her this year.

The first project is to type up a tutorial for her students who use Premiere Pro. So far it is going really well but I’m still working on the basics of the tutorial. I guess my issue with it is how much do these students know? The videos go into so much detail that I don’t think are completely necessary. For example, one video discusses how to upload files for about 10 minutes. It keeps teaching how to change the format of the folder to view it as icons or a list form. Stuff like that I think are not necessary to add to the tutorial I am writing up and so far that is how most the videos are. Hopefully after I get past the first few sections things will become less basic and become more complex.

I have not started the second project yet. For Professor Fu’s class, she has a compilation of videos she has used for examples or clips her students have used for projects. There is a website called “The Moving Index” from in which professors throughout the US can add their clips to and use clips from others. It is a great way to collaborate and take ideas from other professors. My goal is to make a dent in her collection and have it uploaded to the site.

I think both projects are very doable for the first semester. One idea we discussed is splitting the work every week. Perhaps spend 85% of my time working on the first project and then spend the remaining time on the second project. But we’ll see how it goes. This first week I mainly focussed on the tutorial and we will see how long it usually takes me to complete a section to see if adding the second project is reasonable.


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