Website and Podcast: A Project with Professor Gabaldon

Well I wanted to try posting yesterday, but honestly I didn’t have enough time to get a lot of work actually done on the project by then.

So the project is working with Professor Gabaldon on the website which TJ previously worked on, and possibly do a bit of video editing/filming for a classroom podcast for students’ presentations so they may view their mistakes and clean up their public speaking. The main goals for the website are to fix a bug with the tutoring system (need to look into it a bit), create a user hierarchy giving various people permissions to blog, be a web admin and various others, and lastly just fixing up small details and creating a blogging page for various activities and the ongoings of the Economics Council.

As for the podcast, Professor Gabaldon wanted me to film her students’ presentations, but I have class during that time, so if I could show her how to set up a camera (and if we can get our hands on one where the sound won’t be horrific), then I would be segmenting everything into a video podcast of each student. I was thinking that blackboard might be a system that could work for this, so that each class would have their own podcasts and they wouldn’t need to search around for it among the hundreds of various intro economics students.

Now, what I have done up to this point is I’ve updated the tutors for the tutoring system, removing ones who would no longer be tutoring, and updating their available times etc.  I’m also in the process of rewriting the instructions for how to actually sign up for a tutoring session because there were some people who told Professor Gabaldon that it was a little confusing, (honestly I think a good deal of the people simply skipped over the instructions and got lost in the sign-up process).  I also received the administrator permissions for the site and the Appointy (the tutoring system) information, which allows me to edit various bits of the website.

Well I guess now its back to the grind. -.-


Really though, those things are horrible.


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