Fall Cleanup!!

Ahhhhh all right, all right, all right!! It’s time to begin another semester at the STA office!! 🙂

ImageThis week has been all about cleaning, organizing, and streamlining. The first project I decided to tackle was the USD iPad Classroom project blog. Now, I’ve been taking care of this project for the last year or so, from it’s inception, no now going on it’s 3rd semester. After reviewing the different blogs that were set up, I decided to put my foot down once and for all and pick 1 website to use. From now on, it will be hosted on the USD iTeam official blog. It will not only look nice & neat, but it will drive traffic for both parties. I would like the USD iTeam to be a hub for all activities in the office, whether it be this iPad project, STA work, Blackboard, etc.

I also updated the startup guide for the professors. I particularly enjoyed writing the email to the professors, like I was giving them directions and an assignment for a change! 😛

Here’s what it looked like:


Also, today the office totally got a room makeover thanks to Cyd, Allison, and Ayala! I’m definitely loving the new digs !!! ImageImage


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