Slowly But Surely!

Web developers, occasional bloggers, and all around internet dudes and dudettes can all atest to the sheer MADNESS that building a website can ensue. It is a constant struggle between creative need and functionality. Currently, I am updating the ITS website, and my need to put my own spin on things has been impeding my ability to perform the task. I think for a little bit, I was spending time trying to come out with (frankly) kitschy ideas that in hindsight may not work for the website. Where I want to add “pizazz” in reality wont be appropriate for the website at all. In my opinion this may be one of the biggest obstacles young tech professionals may face. Balancing the need to find an outlet for creative tendencies, while still remembering that sometimes a template will need to be maintained.

So, as far as my project, slowly but surely it will be completed (as in hopefully by the end of the week :])


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