Time for the Spotlight – 4/6/2013 Update on the Art Office Website Project

After weeks of work, it’s looking like the Art Office Website is finally ready to go live! Fourteen aggregated RSS feeds, 126 imported posts, and 445 posts copied from Tumblr, the Art Office site certainly has enough content to go live now. I’ve tweaked the CSS so that all images within the body of post content appropriately has its CSS applied to it, made sure the Tag Directory page was nice and tidy, and saw to it that each little bug that cropped up was appropriately squashed. And after all of that, the site is now officially ready to see the light of day.

Now what happens when it goes live? The biggest thing is that Professor Fu doesn’t want to lose a number of Tumblr’s features including followers and the such. This presents a small problem since it means she still wants the Tumblr site to be updated. I’ve come up with a couple of ideas here, but the only one that will likely work is if I import the Tumblr feed into WordPress and have her update the Tumblr exclusively. I’ve asked her how she wants to handle this and as soon as I hear back from her I’ll implement the method she wants to use.

Does this mean I’m done? Of course not! Professor Fu outlined a number of pieces of content that she would like me to clean up and these, along with minor tweaks to the CSS and site layout that will likely happen over time, will consist of the rest of the semester’s work on the project. Basically I need to tackle a cleanup on the artists page, the resources page, and the tags. Considering how many of these there are, this could take a sizable amount of time. Of course, I will also be using this time to make sure that the aggregation features work well and Professor Fu can appropriately keep the WordPress site updated.

Anyway, that’s my update for the week! The last two weeks really consisted of getting everything absolutely ready for the prime-time and now that they are, I’m excited! Professor Fu should be transferring the DNS records over to the new host and, as soon as she does, I’ll run a script that will update the WordPress installation to recognize the new address. Since this hasn’t happened yet, I can’t give out the address to the site, but I’ll be sure to update this post with the site’s address as soon as it’s live!

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