April 5: Update

I’m working with Dr. Croom this semester on his online course using a system called Curatr.  

This is what Curatr looks like.  It is extremely confusing to use and I haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet, luckily I’m not taking the course! For now I am working with Dr. Croom’s partner Alan, managing the support system.  From about 9am-5pm everyday, I check the support system inbox for any issues involving usernames/passwords or other basic problems.  After the first few weeks most of those issues have been solved and there are more complicated issues now that Alan and Dr. Croom take care of.  Every now and then someone will forget their account information though.  I’m also working with Dr. Croom on a couple video projects for his own use.  My next big thing to tackle is making sure that every youtube video in the course is embedded as opposed to being a URL.  Given that there are 6 museums in the course with numerous levels within each museum and hundreds of objects, this is going to take a while.  I’m still learning how to use Curatr so I have a skype conference set up with Alan on Monday morning to show me how to check the first few videos and after that I’ll do the rest on my own! I spent a few hours today trying to figure it out, but I am definitely going to need Alan’s help! 


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