Yes I know I am lazy

So I know this is the first post which is frowned upon but I really had nothing to show on here so now I’ll be sure to make sure you’ll lose interest before you reach the end of this post. Actually my project is fun this semester I am working with Dr. Velo in the Math and CS department on some changes to the website.  I am currently working with Dr. Rida in the Math department on adding a problem of the week section to the website where the department will post a challenging problem and the students will submit answers in order to have a chance to earn points over the course of the semester and potentially win a prize at the end of each semester.  Now my job has been to try and set up a page where the instructions, problems, solutions and score tables can be posted.  I have started on this and have been chipping away at it and this is where I am at so far.ImageImage

This seems nice but I would really like to have those bottom columns on the side but unfortunately my limited access in Adobe Contribute does not allow me to manipulate the side bars so I will have to see if I can do anything about that.

 I am also going to be experimenting with Survey Monkey with Dr. Velo to create a questionnaire which will be nice.  I have never used the program but I assume it will be rather easy. I know it could be useful in the future though so I am looking forward to really diving into and mastering the use of the site.

That seems to be it for now I will keep a little more current tabs on this now that I have visuals to guide the tracking of the project.



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