Evan Nagata: April 2nd Update

Wow, I had thought I updated with the large amounts of software testing I did the week before spring break, however apparently not. So, what has happened since then is that  I had done a ton of software testing (involving virtually every free chemistry program that can create 3d molecules) and had talked to Dr. Khuong about using the one that I found to be the most viable option, being Avogadro. The reason I had chosen using a program like Avogadro as opposed to any normal 3D rendering options was simply due to what she wanted for the labs. The main outcome she wanted to have from this was to have her students next semester be able to bring in their own laptops and view the chemicals in a 3D environment. Because of this, I had decided that it would be the easiest and most viable option to go with an updated and maintained chemistry program that supports the filetypes she would be using in her class, as well as being cross platform (even linux). It was for this reason I chose Avogadro.


When I talked to Dr. Khuong, she agreed that this would be the most viable long-term option, because should she decide to use a different molecule from year to year, this would allow her to easily create one. I showed her some of the basics of Avogadro and what the interface looked like. So once we decided to go with Avogadro, I began to write detailed documentation on how to use it (f0r Windows as of now). Avogadro’s website did come with tutorials, however mine is more concise and aimed directly at the classes needs (such as converting file types, etc.). I also had a much shorter document aimed at more technical users so that they would not need to scan through a longer document for the information they need. Currently they are still a work in progress but they are detailed enough to get through the basics.

Avogadro Install/Usage


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