Web Design! Architecture Design Research Studios 3/29/13

3/29/13 Structural SystemsImageImage

Recently I have been working on a web design project for Assistant Professor of Architecture Daniel Lopez.  Although I was originally asked to work on the ‘spherical atlas’ website, I have begun working on an additional sites that Daniel is using in conjunction with his design studios.  These additional sites are the ‘polyhedral atlas’ and the ‘pop-up architecture’ site.  Each site shares a similar design that reflects the design focus of the project.


For example, the spherical atlas and the polyhedral atlas are both structural systems that depict part-to-whole relationships.  These part-to-whole relationships are taken one step further through the representation of their reciprocity within the google sites web platform.  I created links that link material to part, part to aggregated unit, and aggregated unit to whole.  Together, these links further the cyclical, or reciprocal nature of the research project.


Apart from updating links, I have also updated revised images to the polyhedral and spherical atlas.  I switched the template of each site to accommodate the wide pages for the site (7.5”x15”).  Daniel keeps pushing me to update more links and create a ‘tree-like’ structure between all parts of the website.  I have really enjoyed working with Daniel because he always makes time to meet with me and he always has work for me to do!


On a side note, I was invited by Daniel to be a guest reviewer at the ARCH 102 space frame studio.  This studio uses the polyhedral atlas website as a guide to modeling and representation. Students within the studio use me as a resource for reviewing their design and providing constructive feedback.  At the end of the semester, I will update some of the best projects into the polyhedral atlas website.


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