Faculty Websites

These past few weeks I have continued to meet with the faculty of the Learning and Teaching department. So far the faculty members I have met with, have their site up and running. I learned how to add a RSS twitter feed, and that can be done by adding a customizable html code to the page. Weebly is a very friendly user interface, and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to website design and blogging. However the other day I was on facebook and there was an ad for Wix, a new website design site. I decided to explore this site and I found that it was a very easy to use interface, however far more customizable than weebly. It sort of reminds me of Xanga (a customizable personal blog website popular with teens circa 2003). I will continue to  use both Weebly and Wix,  to explore website design and blogging.

I also want to talk about another project I have embarked on and that is using Logic Pro. Logic Pro is apple’s music production software. It is a pretty complicated software, since there is so much you can do. It has been interesting to explore the different software instruments (a variety from south asian chimes to a basic analog bass). I have been learning about logic pro by watching tutorial videos (ironically enough), people have posted on youtube. I didn’t realize how many different sounds go into one song. So far it has been a real learning experience in exploring how rhythmic beats, melodic tunes, buildup/drops, and vocals all work together to form a 3 minute song. I have so much to learn but I will continue to explore logic pro and hopefully I can produce one song soon.

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