The Guidebook – 1/27/2013 Update on the Economics Council Project

Hey, just wanted to pop in for another quick update on the Economics Council site!

Over Intercession the bulk of my work involved tidying up loose ends on the website, including, but not limited to, removing left over dummy text remnants, adding some last minute content, and fixing up typographical errors. The site is essentially 95% of the way there content wise, however Professor Gabaldon, myself, and the president of the Econ Council have not decided yet on how best to approach the blogging platform, so it unfortunately is currently blank. As the semester begins and we can have a debate regarding the direction we want to go in here, you can expect to see content added to the blog. Beyond items related to the blog, the site is feature and content complete.

A quick preview of the guidebook!

Of course, I won’t be around forever to maintain the website (however, I do plan on managing the Econ Council site as a member of the Economics Council for the foreseeable future), and so I have attempted to write (as basic as I possibly can) a guidebook to maintaining, updating, and adding content to the site. Throughout the guidebook, I attempt to go step by step, ensuring every item that must be clicked on and edited is detailed. It’s comprehensive, but perhaps a little confusing at times. My goal is to meet up with Professor Gabaldon at the start of this semester to go through the guidebook step-by-step with her and iron out any areas where she may not understand what I wrote. Unfortunately, I am predicting that certain items in the guidebook will be too complicated for Professor Gabaldon to manage, so in that case, I am hoping that a future member of the Econ Council will be able to step forward and follow these directions step-by-step. The picture to the right should be a quick preview of what the guidebook looks like!

Anyway, that’s the gist of what my work over Intercession entailed. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take the tutoring system live this semester, as everything required to run it is active and in place. The only thing I require at this point is for Joey to give me the information I need to get the tutor’s registered with this system. Beyond that, there’s a few more points that I need to discuss with other members of the club in order to get the last few features of the site active.


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