iPad and Computer Science Website

I haven’t posted too much lately because not much has changed but now the project is shifting more towards the website.  Two nights ago I went with Dr. Myers to the Longfellow School and filmed the family math night that her students were doing with this elementary school.  It was an awesome time and I filmed it all on the iPad and I’m going to edit it all on the iPad as well because I think it’d be cool to show everyone how useful the iPad is.

A few weeks ago I met with Dr. Velo for the first time to discuss the website once I had my contribute training.  I have slowly started on a list of improvements that her and Dr. Myers wanted to see happen.  Unfortunately getting my contribute training so late and with thanksgiving break I have not been able to do as much as I would have liked.  I also just met with Leslie Hammann to talk about an exciting step with the Math and CS website.  We will be doing a Search Engine Optimization with the Math and CS website which is basically revamping the site in a way to make sure it is ranked as high as possible when put into Google.  This process involves rewriting some parts of the website to contain more key words and phrases that make the USD Math and Computer Science Department special.  I am really hoping that I could stay on with this project next semester because obviously this won’t get done this semester but it is an exciting project and seems very educational.  Even more exciting it will be the test site for this process because it is the first undergraduate site to undergo SEO and what better department to do it than the Math and Computer Science Department?

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