11/18/2012 Update on the Economics Council Project


After being out for a while, I sorta fell out of writing these blog updates. So time to get back into the groove of writing these! Here’s a quick lowdown on my current status of the Econ Council project:

After completing the basis for the tutoring scheduling system, I began work on the Econ Council’s spiffy new website. I unfortunately don’t have any pretty pictures to show you yet, but the website is coming along quite nicely. I secured an incredibly cheap hosting package and bought up a domain name for the group. After that, I installed a copy of my go-to Content Management System (CMS), Joomla. As usual, I love Joomla for the power that it provides my web design projects and the ease of use for the less technically inclined. This allows me to create a really powerful suite of tools for their website, but makes it easy for me to hand the project off to someone else at the end of the semester and teach them how to use it.

Professor Gabaldon has given me an idea of the kinds of things she wants the site to be able to handle, and a basic idea of how she wants it to look. I have plans for how to handle most of the features, but I haven’t quite hit on a good template yet that matches the description she gave me. My next biggest task is finding the appropriate look for the site, so that I can start building all of the features off of that system. A couple of the features I’ll eventually be implementing is a fully functional blog/news resource for the Econ Council to get the news of our organization out, possibly a discussion board so that members of the club can hold discussions online, an easy to manage and join mailing list so getting Econ Council e-mails is easier than ever, and of course, fully integrated with the tutoring system I finished setting up a few weeks ago.

Beyond that, I’ll be talking quite a bit with Professor Gabaldon and the other members of the Econ Council so that I can hear their suggestions for what they’d like the site to be able to do. Of course, feedback may change the direction of the site, so none of this information should be taken as concrete yet, just as a good direction that I have planed for their design.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have for now. As soon as I have the appropriate template down for the site, the shell of the site (feature and appearance complete, with dummy content) should come shortly after.

Cya next week!


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