Evan: Update

Well unfortunately I’ve had a ton of homework this week, and next week isn’t looking a whole lot better (two test -.-), so I haven’t gotten as much done as I would have liked to. But I have the weekend coming up to make up some of that.  So far the extent of my recent work has been creating a new page for Events, and filled that with a couple fliers with upcoming events. Also I worked on messing with Disqus and trying to apply that to other pages besides the blog section of the site, and I was also trying to mess with the fonts a little bit to make them look better. Both turned out to be a bit more troublesome than I assumed because fonts are css and I can’t really touch them due to template lock, and as for Disqus, I believe I need to get in contact with Jenny ( person who worked on the site before me) so I can add it to the other pages. If not, well then shoot.

And now not that anyone cares what some of homework I was working on this week was, but I figured I looked too ridiculous not to share it. And my post would be devoid of pictures without it.

Me. In fireworks.

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