Evan’s Updates On the Website

     So. I’ve done a few things since my last update. I searched wordpress for a couple themes I wanted to try out for the website, one which still has yet to be uploaded, and the other works really strangely with menus. So until further progress can be made, the looks aren’t going to change a whole lot unless I splice together some background image for the site to just give people something more to look at, which I very well may end up doing.
However, I did end up taking all the professor’s head-shots for their profiles and made those the links for their profiles rather than just having a text link. And because this happens to be the same department Jacob is working on, I may end up linking the profiles to what he is setting up rather than the pages the site currently contains. Here’s what part of it looks like:

I’ve also created the secondary weebly site that will contain all the projects. Now the looks on that are much better (lot easier to mess with those templates than wordpress can be), but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to integrate it more with the USD site and vice versa.  I thought of trying to put a redirect through the html code on the pages, but either the usd server or wordpress doesn’t like those, I’m assuming the latter,  and so more research needs to be put into that. And as of currently that is where I am at.

Song of the Hour – “Something To Remind You” by Staind


2 thoughts on “Evan’s Updates On the Website

  1. Hey Evan! I will have the links set up for the faculty very soon. Dr. Lattimer’s is basically finished, I just need to work on adding content to the 11 remaining sites. Let me know if I can help in any way to link the sites to the profiles that you are working on.

    • Hey, thanks Jacob. Could you send me a link that the site uses, and that way I could just navigate around all of their profiles and copy/paste the URL’s that way? If you’re still building some of the pages, there’s no rush so just shoot those over whenever you can. Thanks!

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