Adobe Premiere Project Update

It’s been a while since I updated but progress has been made. I have continued to watch the lynda tutorial videos on Adobe premiere, which are extremely helpful. These are especially helpful because I can take screenshots of the videos, so that the pictures are specific to the topic I am explaining in the text tutorial files. I made one tutorial video on captivate however I need to add narration, since a video with narration is more engaging than one without. Cyd showed me a room that I have yet to use, but this will be really helpful because in the past it was a pain to have to wait to be able to do narration at home. I also had a little trouble with making another captivate video because in the Adobe premiere program I had trouble dragging and dropping a clip. So far I had two meetings with Professor Fu, and updated the class website. The class website is a wordpress site and can be viewed if you click here but here is a screen shot of the tutorials section which I am in charge of:

So far I have been only able to upload the text files for tutorial help on the website, so this week my goal is to finish the two captivate videos I have in progress and get those uploaded to the class website.


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