Teaching Innovation Update: October 25

Well, since I failed to write last week, this is going to be a super post with all the stuff that is planned and all that I’ve done since the last post. So to start off, I needed to make a logo (need is a strong word, but a clean logo helps a lot), and so I ended up with this


yay. This was originally because I had to clean up some of the fliers that would be passed around to various teachers/principals and the organization needed a logo.  I also began looking into multiple other hosting sites, such as weebly, yahoo sites, google sites, because there would be multiple staff members that would be controlling the content on the site, the setup that the current site has isn’t entirely due to the learning curve associated with it. On top of that as well, the template lock for the wordpress based site makes updating looks a nuisance, where you have to send in the template you want to use, hope the menus, the header pic, etc. are all going to work, and if not then simply edit as needed. But because the site would be constantly changing, it would be nice to have a friendly GUI, and so the search began.

Although WordPress isn’t the hardest format to learn, there are others that are much easier to control, use, and learn, and so upon talking with Dr. Spencer about weebly, where it was extremely user friendly, had a great GUI, and made it very simple to edit the stylistic portions of the site, we decided to use a weebly site. So with this, the plan is to use the sandiego.edu domained site to contain the majority of the static, non-changing information, such as teacher bios, the About section, and then host all the projects that would contain pictures and videos, so that the staff would be able to do that themselves with ease as they build their video cases archive.

The thing I noticed for Weebly is however, is that on the free account, certain features are limited such as not being able to upload a file greater than 5MB, as well as a couple other features that simply aren’t available, but the primary one being to upload videos straight to the weebly site, and not have to deal with the the html code to embed the video which would then need to be hosted on another site. In my next meeting with Dr. Spencer, I’m going to go over all this with her and see if she feels it would be worth upgrading to the pro account (approx. $75 for two years?), which in the long run could very well be worth it.

And so finally, I’ll conclude with what I’ve done with the website. Before it looked like this:


and as of now, the site doesn’t look too different, but the organization has have changed quite a bit. And I’m still trying to find a theme that will work well because the website is on a template lock. Okay anyways:


And finished. I’ll probably email Dr. Spencer about meeting to discuss the account details, and whether to get a pro account. when it isn’t 2 a.m.


One thought on “Teaching Innovation Update: October 25

  1. Thanks for great, detailed update! As for the large video files, those could be uploaded to our streaming server and then embedded and linked to the site so no content is actually uploaded to Weebly at all. i can show you how that works!

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